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Stay Visible with Visibility Optics

How it works

Visibility Optics keeps your patients engaged and informed from the moment they arrive at the office.

Patient Photo

The process begins when the patient takes a selfie and uploads it through your specially branded, mobile friendly web portal.

Facial Analysis

Recommendations based on realtime computer analysis of the photo are sent to the patient and your staff.


Patient input is collected through online questionnaires with relevant information sent to the patient and your staff.


The patient can review their eyewear, optical lens, and contact lens recommendations at any point.

Send to Patient

Custom tailored educational material, based on the results of the exam, can be sent to the patient at anytime.


When the exam is complete, your patient will be delighted to see a hand-picked selection of eyewear and sunwear ready to be tried on.


Some of the many features
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Patient Intake Forms
  • Patient e-Signed Legal Documents
  • Review of Systems Questionnaires
  • Lifestyle Questionnaires
  • Contact Lens Questionnaires
  • Text and Email Appointment Reminders
  • Private Label by SHO Eyeworks
  • Sell Eyewear Online
  • 1000+ Education Topics
  • Realtime Facial Analysis with Instant Results
  • No Setup Fee
  • EHR Integration Available
  • HIPAA Compliant
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System Benefits

This is a small list of some of the many benefits you, your patients, and your staff will receive by implementing the Visibility Optics Patient Experience System:

  • Decreased Patient Appointment No Shows
  • Increased Patient Intake Efficiency
  • Increased Optical Presence
  • Increased Optical Efficiency
  • Market Optical Products and Services
  • Increased Overall Staff Efficiency
  • Increased Patient Happiness Through a Better Patient Experience

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